Do you long to end a single life?

a single life

Do you long to end a single life?

There is a bride in front of you. Which part of her dress is most attractive?

A. Wedding dress
B. Wedding veil
C. Bouquet in her hand
D. Ring

Test Results:

A. You have a very strong desire to end a single life to get married. But haste doesn’t bring you to success. Your impatient attitude five stress to him and you might scare him away from you. This make you get more upset and more impatient. Just stay calm and don’t care too much, your calm attitude maybe can retain him.

B. You are the type of person who get married in the young age. You might be in a relationship in a very young age and get married without understand what it marriage. At first, you treat marriage life like a game, but as time passes, you start to know what real life is. If you can face these challenges with positive attitude with your spouse, both of you can grow up together and bear the responsibility in the family.

C. You are the type of person who get married in older age. The experiences of people surrounding you make you think that one may not necessary to get married. You don’t seek for the love story like in the fairy tale, and you realize that marriage with the person you love might not necessarily bring happiness to you. Thus, you start to choose your spouse based on their conditions and qualifications. This process takes time, and it leads you to get married older.

D. You will get married in the age that is suitable for marriage. You are a homebody kind of person and you hope to have a stable family with the family members that play their own obligations. You are gentle, steady and willing to take care of the elderly and youngsters in the family. You get along well too with the family members of the same age. Both of your career and your family can develop in a stable pace. You must have a lot of admirers around you.


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