What should you add to your love?

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What should you add to your love?

You are upset now, need to find a way to calm down. There are three options to choose:

A: Shouting and screaming bad words
B: Throw things
C: Playing live sandbags


A: Your relationship needs to add enthusiasm. Love has been a long time, your enthusiasm will slowly cool down, pay attention to let the other feel that you still love him very much.

B: The most important thing you need to add to your relationship is the space. You are very eager to have your own space. Remember to leave some time for yourself.

C: Your relationship needs to be calm down, don’t be overwhelmed by love. In love, you are easy to blind, no matter how the other person treat you, you feel that because of love, you will definitely change each other, and finally you will love it very painfully.


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