How far is the american scandal away from you?

american scandal

How far is the american scandal away from you?

If you are an unconscious person who about to wake up soon, what are the biggest fear about the week before you wake up?


A.    Friends and family are talking about giving up on you

B.    The other half confesses to you that he cheated on you

C.     Heard that you owed a huge amount of medical bills

D.    Find yourself gradually losing your memory


Test Results:


A.    This kind of person is like a model student. You are a very disciplined person and you manage yourself well. People think that how could you have a scandal? It must be true if there is a scandal. People will start talking about you. For those who chose this answer always give others a great impression. Therefore, regardless your scandal is real or not, people will still pay attention to you.

B.    This type of person is usually kind and easy going. If you have a scandal, people will say, “How can that be? I don’t know if it’s true.” If you respond, “No way! How can I?” Everyone will think “How could it happen? It’s impossible!” So, just deny it and people will believe you.

C.     In fact, you are considered as a very timid person, these scandals will not happen to you. For example, Edison Chen’s photo incident will certainly not happen to you. Even if you look like the person in the photo, but people will think it is impossible and just treat it as a joke. So, for those who chose this answer should feel glad. Because of your timidness, people will not connect you with those weird scandal.

D.    This type of person is usually very low profile. So, as long as there is a little scandal, people will try to dig out more scandals. People will keep spreading the scandal and make it unreliable. If you don’t clarify it, you will be surrounded by these scandals. For those who chose this answer, you would have gone viral because of the scandal.



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