Are you a person easily get anger management online?

anger management online

In our daily life, “angry” is a very common emotion in our mind. When friends play jokes with you or some people offend you, will you easily get anger management online? In order to know the result in your deep heart, let us take a test below.


Begin the Test:

You go climbing with your friends. When you reach the mountaintop, you find there are five puppys. Which one do you think will make for you?

A): A little black dog, which looks very fierce

B): A pregnant female dog

C): A big dog, which looks very fierce

D): A chihuahua, which looks very nervousness

E): A wolfhound experience with heat


Test Result:

Choose A: Your angry index is 80%. If someone not compatible with your character challenged you, you will be angry for sure. In fact, you are an easygoing person, but you will fight to whoever challenges you.

Choose B: Your angry index is 55%. There is a limit to your patience. You will fight to those cross over the line.

Choose C: Your angry index is 40%. You will eliminate arguments with your high EQ. You are used to using humor to resolve conflicts, making everyone feels comfortable.

Choose D: Your angry index is 20%. You think nothing worth you get angry. You are very nice people and think others are nice as well. People will not hurt such a nice person like you.

Choose E: Your angry index is 99%. You have a high self-esteem, so you are very sensitive as well. If anyone offends you, even without purpose, you will get very angry and make others scary you. You’re very aggressive.


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