In your deep heart, are you jealous?

are you jealous

Envy, jealous, hate, those are feelings that everyone has. In reality, we often envy people who are better than us. But for those people who are no better than us, but are lucky enough to have a good job and good relationship, we sometimes feel jealous.But, most people don’t realize those jealous feeling can stop us from moving forward. Take the test below; let’s see are you jealous?


Begin the Test:

If you are an architect, you are meeting a very important client today. Before the meeting, you promised your boss that everything will be fine. But, when you arrive the destination, you discover something make you very nervous. What do you think happened?

A): Your competitor met the client before you arrive

B): You forgot the important documents for today’s meeting, and it’s too late to go back and get it

C): You remember the time wrong, the meet was yesterday

D): The documents you brought has nothing to do with the client’s topic today


Test Result:

Choose A:         You are a very confident person. But you still get jealous of those who are more successful than you sometimes. And sometimes you secretly hope something bad will happen to those people you are jealous of, whatever on job or family, may be those evil thoughts are still in your mind.


Choose B:         You often get jealous of those people who are more successful than you or live happier than you. But, you are very insensitive, so those jealous emotions come quickly and will be gone quickly too, therefore it actually doesn’t cause any damage to you or that person.


Choose C:         You are not a very confident person, sometimes you even feel inferiority. But, you are a kind person, you don’t often get involved in competitions, therefore you don’t get jealous of others often either. Overall, you are a very kind person.


Choose D:       You are a stingy person, you like to compete with people on everything, therefore you are very easy to get jealous. You always offend people, and depress yourself. So please try to be open minded about everything, there are always going to be better people out there, try to be more gentle, you will be happier too.


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