Do you understand the artlife?


Some people choose to travel, some choose to stay at home. It doesn’t matter which life you choose, but do you understand the artlife? It is a new concept for living nowadays. If you do not understand it, please take a look at the test below.

Begin the Test:

You work at a dog farm, one day, your boss is murdered. Your co-worker A, B, C, D were on the day when that happened. Based on their answer below, who do you think is the murder?

A said: “I just laid down and heard D screamed”

B said: “I was at the restroom, so I don’t know anything”

C said: “I heard D screaming for help”

D said: “I saw the person who killed boss, that person scream ‘don’t come over’”

Test Result:

Choose A:         Your daily life is much disciplined, it has nothing to do with art.

Choose B:         Your daily life is very arbitrariness, but you like to think you are a role model of understanding the artlife. Please keep your thought to yourself, don’t tell anybody, you will just make a fool out yourself.

Choose C:         Your life can count as artistic, because you know how to appreciate and to pursue a higher quality life. But, make sure you keep up this yourself.

Choose D:         You pretend you know art and think other people don’t understand at the all, but actually, other people just don’t want to embarrass you.


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