Test your attitude status towards friends

attitude status

From a simple test, you can see the weight of your friends in your mind. For example, the following test can reveal your attitude status towards friends.

Begin the Test:
If you are a big star, take a magazine cover. So where do you want the scenery or scene on the cover?
A) Beautiful beach
B) Snow-capped polar
C) Grassy grassland

Test Result:
Choose A:      You value your friends very much. Although your friends have no blood relationship with you, you are treating your friends as your brothers and sisters. You will often find new and old friends to chat or call, very concerned about the status of friends. Moreover, if a friend is in trouble, you will definitely help out the first time, and you value your friends.

Choose B:      You are full of mistrust of this world. You have few friends, you are always faced with the wind and rain in your life. You rarely get in touch with your friends. You even think that your friends are the ones who are in trouble. So, you are indifferent to your friends.

Choose C:      You have a strict concept for your friends. In your concept, only people who are honest and sincere are your friends. Although you are very enthusiastic and have many friends, only you know for yourself who is the true friend of your heart. Once you are certain that someone is your friend, you will always pay twice as much as your friends.


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