What is your attitude thoughts towards the life ?

attitude thoughts

Some people like simple life, while some people like luxury life and those all represent their attitude thoughts towards the life. Take a look at the testing as follows,. Let’s see your attitude thoughts in your heart towards your life.


Begin the Test:

If one day, when you driving on the road. You suddenly saw a hot girl riding a motorcycle while smoking. What is your first thought?

A): She’s a super star.

B): She’s a successful professional women.

C): She’s a mistress.


Test Result:

Choose A:         Your vanity is very strong. You wish to wear luxury brand and shopping in the brand stores everyday. But it’s going to be hard to find someone who can afford your vanity.


Choose B:         You are very frugal and cheap. You think it’s hard to make money, you every penny need to be counted when you spend money. Therefore, it’s hard to make you pay at any occasion.


Choose C:         You can easily accept new things, don’t like life without any changes. You are suitable for the colorful big cities.



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