You attract a mate by which kind of person?

attract a mate

You attract a mate by which kind of person?

If you are speed dating with five men, which person will you eliminate in the first round?

A. Fat man that looks retarded
B. Stingy and coward man
C. Short man with baldhead
D. Thin man with pimples
E. Stiff and inflexible man

Test Results:

A. You will attract a mate which is “ambitious and aggressive”. You admire the person which is ambitious and hardworking.

B. You will be attracted by the man which is “stable in financial and personalities”. The man must meet up your standard in term of material and spiritual, in order to give you the sense of security.

C. You found the “hardworking and honest” man attractive. You hope he can take care of you and your family, only this kind of man can let you rely on him.

D. You will fall in love with the man who is “pure and kind”. You like the man who is sincere, kind, pure and treat you nicely.

E. You will fall for a “romantic” man. You wish he can understand you and know well about life, he must be able to communicate well with you too.


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