Are you good or bad tempered?

bad tempered

Whatever you are good or bad tempered, it will affect your relationship with people, your image, your life-style, and even affect your own health. So how is your temper? Please take this test to see your real temper in your heart.


Begin the Test:

You are walking on the street by yourself, suddenly, you saw a mother with a child. The mother walks in the front while the child is carrying the bags follows behind, and the child is trying. What is your first thought?

A): The mother is so cruel

B): The mother is training the child

C): This is not a good mother, she doesn’t know how to teach a child at the all

D): The child must did something wrong


Test Result:

Choose A:         You are a sentimentality and kind person. You can’t accept any violence at the all. You wish for world peace, a world without wars.


Choose B:         You have a hot temper. You do things the way you like breaking the rules. You are enthusiasm but at same time with no patient. Remember, sometimes, be patient, and everything will be alright.


Choose C:         Normally, you have a good personality, but you will still be anger of something sometimes. And your temper normally surprises people.


Choose D:       You are a quiet person, don’t like to stand out. But because you always doing things the way you want, make other people think you are arrogant, that’s not good with for your relationship with people.



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