Are you a person to be social?

be social

People with very strong social skills are always able to respond to any occasion or unexpected situation. Are you such a person to be social? See the following test to find out.


Begin the Test:

If you go to see a friend’s newborn child, the little guy suddenly opens his eyes. What will he do next?

A) Start crying

B) Start laughing

C) Close back up

D) Coughing


Test Result:

Choose A:      Your social skills are weak. You are quite unconfined, so you are afraid to contact the crowd. You are afraid to expose your shortcomings. You close yourself up like a person in a box, and no one else can approach you. In fact, if you are confident and actively communicate with others, you will find that you have more friends in your unconscious.


Choose B:      Your social skills are good. You are very confident. It’s easy to relate with people on the social scene. Your humorous words always bring joy to everyone. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to measures. If you are too self-enthusiastic and intoxicated in your own world, seldom paying attention to other people’s feelings will arouse people’s resentment.


Choose C:      You don’t understand social networking at all. You are very lonely and feel that you can only bring yourself happiness, so you will not enter the world of others. But life is inseparable from human interaction and cooperation. If you don’t have teamwork awareness at work, it is definitely not okay. It is recommended that you adjust yourself.


Choose D:      You are very concerned about interpersonal interactions, and you are also careful to maintain relationships with people around you. However, you are very concerned about the feelings of others, and finally made yourself very tired. It is recommended that you relax yourself and get along with people with a sense of peace.



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