When you are dealing with people, is your best attitude status?

best attitude status

There may be many people who have known each other for life, but there are not many people who can truly become friends. Can you be a friend? It depends on whether you are best attitude status or worst when you get along with people.

By taking the test below, there are three choices per each question, every choice has a correspond score, once you finish all the questions, add the scores and review the correspond result at the end.

Begin the Test:

1)      If you have a birthday, your friend sent you a gift worth $500. So, the next time your friend’s birthday, how much do you plan to spend for the gift?
A) Around $300 (1 point)
B) Around $500 (3 point)
C) More than $500 (5 point)
D) About $100-200 (1 point)

2)      You walked down the street with your friends and suddenly saw a lot of people gathered in front of you. Friends want to see, what would you do?
A) Go with he/she (5 point)
B) Let he/she go on his/her own (1 point)
C) Tell he/she not to go (3 point)
D) Ask someone passing by what happened (3 point)

3)    You went to an ATM to withdraw money. However, half the money did not come out, but it   crashed. You angrily say a few words of customer service. What do you think customer      service will say?
A) You entered the wrong password (1 point)
B) That machine has problems these days, I’m sorry (3 point)
C) You look at the machine’s money slot, it may get stuck (5 point)
D) The machine has just been repaired, there should be no problem, we will send someone to check again (1 point)

Test Result:

3 points or lower:  When dealing with people, your attitude is negative and conservative. You seem to enjoy yourself as a person and do not like to be in touch with people. You always feel that it is troublesome to deal with people. You waste a lot of time and you have to endure many other bad things. So, your friend is not much. In the workplace, you are also outside the normal circle of people.

4-6 points:     When you get along with others, your attitude is erratic. Your emotions change and people feel strange. You can get along very well with people you talk about. However, if you do not talk, you will show your impatience. If you have a poor first impression of a person, it is difficult to change your impression of him.

7-9 points:     When you get along with people, your attitude is just right. You can exercise strict control over your emotions. You know what to do and what not to do. You will appreciate the other side’s advantages. You can adapt to all kinds of people, so interpersonal communication is not difficult for you. You can also deal with unreasonable things and get everyone’s trust.

10-12 points:You are a typical social expert. You are very wise and able to interact with people you don’t like. At the same time, word of mouth is also quite good. You are a social character, cheerful and lively. When discussing issues or communicating with people, you can make the other person feel that you are very much in touch with him. And even if fore a lonely person, you can still communicate with him/her.

12 points and above:    When dealing with friends, you are always actively guiding others. You hate to be commanded. You want life to be centered on you. Your performance is very strong, I hope you are a master of social networking. In fact, you really have great leadership and temperament. Therefore, with people, you will be proactive. However, if you encounter a bad temper, you will also be face to face, and sometimes it will be inevitable to argue.


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