Can you have a good boss connection?

boss connection

It is a science to get along with the boss. Some people can touch the preferences of their bosses, but they can’t always get in touch with their bosses. Can you have a good boss connection? The following test will tell you.


Begin the Test:

When you eat bread, what do you usually add to the bread?

A) Must be coated with a lot of jam

B) Must apply a lot of cream

C) Add some green vegetables

D) Add nothing


Test Result:

Choose A:      You can talk very much and often make your boss happy. It may be that your work ability is ordinary, but with the three-inch tongue, you have won the boss’s favor for you. You will say the right thing on the right occasion, and you never grab the boss’s limelight. Therefore, the boss likes you a lot.


Choose B:      To get a good relationship with your boss depends on your level of goodwill toward your boss. If a manager always makes you work overtime for no reason, and you have a stinky face, you don’t have a good temper. If you have encountered a word about your appetite, your working mood will be very good, and you will regard your boss as a friend of your own, take the initiative to get along with your boss, and enjoy it.


Choose C:      You think boss is the boss. You are unlikely to have a good relationship with him. You are very traditional. You see clearly the relationship between your boss and your subordinates. You think that work is work and you don’t need to add any bad emotional ingredients. and so. You are absolutely responsible for your work, but are you a good employee in your boss’s eyes? Not necessarily.


Choose D:     You are the kind of person who can play hard. On the surface, you keep a distance with your boss, but you must be unambiguous when it comes to etiquette. At a critical moment, you will be skillfully close to your boss and be a part of your boss, so that your boss will be very interested in you.


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