Where is your bottoms line in your relationship


Where is your bottoms line in your relationship

You are alone and after you ordered a bottle of beer, you feel like order some food. Which kind of food would you order?

A. Braised food platter
B. Nuts platter
C. Popcorn
D. Spicy roasted chicken wing

Test Results:

A. You don’t allow your lover to disturb your time to gather with your friends. You treat your friends as important as your lover, you spend a lot of time for your lover and you hope your lover don’t disturb your time for your friends.

B. You are a very self-centred person for bottoms line, everything must follow your decision. You think it is too boring to have discussion and have one person to compromise at the end. It is better to follow your decision. You will get mad if your lover doesn’t agree with you.

C. You are the slave of love and you treat your lover as the centre of the world. Nothing need to be persisted as long as you can be together with your lover. You think it is not worth to ruin your relationship because of small argument. So you will just listen to every words your lover said.

D. You are a workaholic. You won’t let relationship distract your career. This kind of person distinguish working time and personal time very clearly. In your personal time, you will try your best to fulfil your lover. But it is working time, you are very professional, and you cannot endure your lover disturb you.


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