Breaking the habit? What kind of bad habit you have?

Breaking the habit

Everyone has their own habits, some are good and some are bad. Some habits you might think there isn’t anything wrong with them, but they are actually bad habits, and those bad habits might influence your health. But you haven’t realized that yet, but the time you realized, it might be too late. Breaking the habit?


Begin the Test:

Let’s take a look to see what kind of bad habit do you have, the earlier you realize it the earlier you can correct. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question; please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)


  1. Are you confident about your look?

Yes (continue to question 2)

No (continue to question 3)


2. Which do you like better? Movie or television?

Television (continue to question 3)

Movie (continue to question 4)


3. Did you ever want a plastic surgery?

Yes (continue to question 4)

No (continue to question 5)


4. If you are going on a trip, do you want to go to see the sea at Maldives or the snow at the North Pole?

Maldives (continue to question 5)

North Pole (continue to question 6)


5. When you visit a place, do you have to try the food at that place?

Yes (continue to question 6)

No (continue to question 7)


6. Do you often sweet talk when you chat online?

Yes (continue to question 7)

No (continue to question 8)


7. How do you evaluate your personality?

Cheerful (continue to question 8)

Shy (continue to question 9)


8. Do you want to meet your online friend?

Yes (continue to question 10)

No (continue to question 11)


9. You often feel depressive, want to free yourself?

Yes (continue to question 12)

No (continue to question 13)


10. Do you like light music or other music?

Light music (continue to question 13)

Other music (continue to question 14)


11. What do you and your friends do for the most time when you hang out?

Chatting (continue to question 13)

Eating and drinking (continue to question 15)


12. Will you sunbathing at the beach?

Yes (continue to Type B)

No (continue to question 14)


13. Do you have more than two sex partners?

Yes (continue to question 14)

No (continue to question 16)


14. Do you lose control of your emotion?

Yes (continue to Type D)

No (continue to question 17)


15. Can you resist food when you are on diet?

Yes (continue to question 13)

No, but I will find my way to balance (continue to Type A)


16. Do you listen to music when you are thinking?

Yes (continue to Type C)

No (continue to Type F)


17. You will get drunk when you are extremely unhappy?

Yes (continue to Type E)

No (continue to Type C)


Test Result:

Type A:     You care too much of your shape, the continue diet will hurt you.

Actually, a normal diet is good for our body, and if you weight is effecting your health, then you should go on a diet. But if you just gained a little weight, but you are still healthy and pretty, then why suffer yourself? Besides, you can’t keep it persist, suffering from diet after eat fast food, that will eventually hurt yourself.


Type B:     You care about your skin tone, the long term sunbathing is hurting you.

You like tanned skin tone, it looks healthy. So you spend a lot of time to sunbathing, hope you will be more attractive. But need to warn you, don’t spend too long time tanning under the sun, it wouldn’t be good to die early from skin cancer–scientific research shows that frequent sunbathing can cause skin cancer.


Type C:     You are loud and love to sing, pubs will hurt you.

Don’t know what to say about your particular habit. You like crowd and noise. You enjoy be freed and play in the crowd. But you get older faster in the long term, because this habit can seriously hurt your body functions. Should control yourself.


Type D:     Uncontrolled sex will hurt you.

You are a person who enjoys adventure, therefore you like stimulate sex, multiple sex partners, and you are easy to fall in love with your sex partners. If it’s just sex for one night it’s one thing, but you fall for it. Therefore, when you feel like it, you will do anything to enjoy. This is very bad for your health; it can bring you diseases, so please stop!


Type E:     You will be hurt for been an alcoholic.

Alcohol is like a best friend that you can’t live without, you drink when you are happy to celebrate and you drink to numb yourself when you are depressed. But this will lead you to be relay on alcohol and eventually alcohol poisoned. This particular bad habit is equal to self suicide. A massive amount of alcohol will kill your brain cells, and will hurt your memories and your liver, causing diseases like liver cirrhosis, so for the sake of your health, start drinking less.


Type F:      Smoking will hurt you.

Like many people, you know smoking is a bad habit, but you can’t quit. You can’t entirely resist the temptation of cigarette. Smoking did not only burn your money, the scariest thing is it will smoke your lung, cigarette is like a devil, slowly erosion you. For your own health, you should control yourself.


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