Will he/she regret after breakup guide with you?

breakup guide

Celebrity Yao Chen once said that at the moment of breaking up, people’s emotions are particularly complex, with hardships and discord, tangled, and helplessness. It has been a long time since the breakup guide. It may be that the other person’s shadow cannot be completely eliminated from your mind. The other person will follow you. Does he (she) regret it? Take a look at the test below, maybe you will know. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)

Begin the Test:

1)      Someone else gave you a free coupon. What do you hope is the most free coupon?

A) Super market (continue to question 2)

B) Daily necessities store (continue to question 6)

C) Fresh fruit store (continue to question 4)

2)      Someone asked you for a request. Whose request will you agree?

A) Boss or supervisor (continue to question 7)

B) Your other half (continue to question 3)

C) Your family (continue to question 5)

3)    Which of the following three kinds of animals and people do you think is the hardest to take care of?

A) Your sick cat (continue to question 8)

B) Month old baby (continue to question 9)

C) Seventy-eighty years old seniors (continue to question 12)

4)    You go to a restaurant for dinner. There was only one waiter there, and he (she) was very busy. What do you think it was because of it?

A) The boss doesn’t want to increase the overhead to hire more people (continue to question 7)

B) Maybe it’s a holiday today, everyone else has a vacation (continue to question 3)

C) This estimate is no business. One person is enough (continue to question 11)

5)    On the bus, an old man fell, what would you do?

A) Do not help, in case of trouble (continue to question 8)

B) Must go help (continue to question 13)

C) There will be people who will help you without me (continue to question 12)

6)    The bus was full on Monday. You didn’t have a bus for a long time and no taxi. What are you going to do?

A) Wait for the bus (continue to question 10)

B) Run to the company (continue to question 3)

C) Call the work and explain the situation (continue to question 5)

7)    In your opinion, which of the following occupations is the most likely to have stomach problems?

A) Teacher (continue to question 12)

B) Nurse (continue to question 14)

C) Actor (continue to question 9)

8)    If you want to learn a musical instrument with your interest. What is your choice?

A) Piano (continue to question 16)

B) Violin (continue to question 15)

C) Drum (continue to question 19)

9)      When you are on vacation, you just catch up with the holiday. Friends are very busy. You can’t get together to play. What would you do?

A) Go shopping or eat by yourself (continue to question 15)

B) Watch TV (continue to question 18)

C) Surf internet (continue to question 20)

10) What’s your most hated weather?

A) Heavy rain (continue to question 8)

B) Sunny (continue to question 5)

C) Drizzling (continue to question 9)

11) Which stuff toy do you prefer?

A) Bear (continue to question 14)

B) Bunny (continue to question 9)

C) Hippo (continue to question 7)

12) Suppose you go to a primary school classroom. Then, what kind of kids do you feel are the best?

A) Boy with glasses (continue to question 20)

B) Girl with pony tail (continue to question 16)

C) Boy with clean cloth (continue to question 15)

13) You are going to travel and will you choose which of the following to be your travel companion?

A) College student (continue to question 17)

B) Mature male (continue to question 16)

C) Ordinary female (continue to question 15)

14) Assuming you go to a place, you can only eat one dish. Then you will choose to eat?

A) Fish pork (continue to question 9)

B) Egg and tomato (continue to question 20)

C) Beef and potato (continue to question 18)

15) The ghosts in scary movies always appear in the bathroom. Then, what kind of environment do you think the ghost will appear in the bathroom?

A) White floor bathroom (continue to type F)

B) Bathroom with a big mirror (continue to type D)

C) Bathroom with big carpet (continue to type E)

16)    If the end of the world really comes. On the day of the last day, what was the color of the sky you saw?

A) Red (continue to type D)

B) Black (continue to type C)

C) Gray (continue to type E)

17)    When you go to a restaurant and see a few people, which one do you think is the biggest one?

A) A tall thin person (continue to type F)

B) A tall fat man (continue to type E)

C) A ordinary person (continue to question 19)

18)    In the smoking room of the train, which of the following people do you think is the most addictive?

A) A high school student (continue to type A)

B) A mid age man (continue to question 20)

C) An old man (continue to type B)

19)    On the street, someone is catching a thief. Which one of the following do you think can catch the thief?

A) A young guy (continue to type F)

B) A young girl (continue to type D)

C) A child (continue to type E)

20)    In the subway, one person actually smiled inexplicably. Do you think he may be because?

A) Thought of something funny (continue to type C)

B) Received a funny message (continue to type B)

C) Saw a cartoon character outside of the window (continue to type A)

Test Result:

Type A:   After breaking up, he (she)> feels extremely uncomfortable and regrets. Maybe it was when you just broke up that he (she> would not have repented. But because of his self-esteem is very strong, it is difficult to admit it from the bottom of my heart. I regret it, and it is always on the surface like an agent.Now, he (she) still has a place for you in his heart. He (her) is due to nostalgia for you. Because he didn’t understand you and he didn’t consider it.

Type B:   Breaking up is a common thing for him (she). Say he (she) has no regrets? There must be a bit of it. However, he (she) will find reason and excuses for herself and advise him to put this down. The key thing is that the other person knows that in this relationship, you have already done all you can do, but you are not suitable, breaking up is the best choice.Although he just broke up (she) is also very Sad, but after the wound heals, the other person’s life is calm.

Type C:   Break up and say to each other. It is a relief. Basically, the other party has never regretted it. Because the other person is a very juicy person, he (she) knows that breaking up is a good choice for you both. Therefore, he (she) will not make trouble for himself. It is never hard for others.

Type D:   Break up has been so long, but the other side is confessing day and night. Because at that time, he (she) made a point because of a moment of anger. For a moment, he was indifferent, and he was only interested. However, you did not agree. Now, the other person dreams of regretting what they said. Missing you is an unforgivable thing.

Type E:    Occasionally, the other person will feel sorry for what you broke up. This is because the other person is sometimes lonely and lonely. At this time, the other person will remember your sweet time together. Now, this sweetness is gone. When he thinks of it, he feels regret. But when he ( When she was happy, she felt that the original breakup was correct because he or she felt free and happy after breaking up.

Type F:    To give it away, he (she) has not regretted yet. He will not be able to regret it in the future. Probably, he (she) has not found you well. When he (she) experiences emotional setbacks and finds out that you are the best choice, you will regret it. Or, he (she) will usher in a better romance and find that you are still not suitable for him or her. It will feel worth breaking up.


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