Are you born to live a busy life?

busy life

Are you born to live a busy life?

If you are given chance to lose your memory, which part of the memory you wish to lose?

A. The bitter relationship
B. The awkward and embarrassing moment in your life
C. Every mistake you did
D. The experience of being betrayed

Test Results:

A. You are born to live a life with busyness, because you always feel not satisfied with your current situation. You wish to improve and get more things in your life. Thus, you need to work hard to gain the things you want and can hardly get some time to rest.

B. You have high expectation towards yourself, and you have strong desire for rights and power too. To achieve what you want, you need to spend the whole life to get it. Although your life is also busy, but you know how to enjoy yourself.

C. Your mind decides whether you will be busy. This is because you like to worry about everything and consider too much. Thus, you always get yourself over thinking and suffer from it. However, you didn’t take much action. People don’t think that you are categorized under hardworking type.

D. You are satisfied with what you have now, and you have not much desires on materials. Thus, you will not be like those who work very hard to achieve a lot of things. You life is more relax and easy.


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