What is your mentality based on the way you buy lottery tickets

buy lottery tickets

In the daily life, some small details can show your heart. Such like buying lottery tickets. We can use small things to reflect your mentality. The questions below will tell your mentality based on the way you buy lottery tickets.


Begin the Test:

You rarely buy lotteries, you think winning a lottery it’s just a fairy-tale. But one night you dream of a Celestial Maiden tell you to buy a lottery your faith will change. After waking up, you think that’s actually reliable, so you went. But after many tries, none of them win anything, what’s your salt at the moment?

A) That’s just a dream, let’s stop

B) No, I should try a couple more times

C) No, I should keep on trying

D) Check your pocket, still acceptable, continue buying


Test Result:

Choose A:      You have a very weak willpower, very easy to be influenced by your surroundings, you blindly follow. If you fail at the end, you will not blaming yourself, you will blame on the person you followed, and the regret to over trust somebody else.


Choose B:      You are a very anxious person. You do not persist in doing things. When you do something, if there are several mistakes or setbacks, you will complain and question yourself. You always want to speculate, this mentality is not conducive to you to do anything, because the success of any thing is to work hard, need to be patient and wait.


Choose C:      Your attitude is still correct. Because you are very cautious, you always like to act after your plan is complete. At the same time, you are also a very rational person. You will treat all emergencies objectively. This kind of mentality determines that you are a persistent person. You will continue to work hard on what you think is right.


Choose D:      You can weigh the pros and cons, do what you can, and do not blindly do everything. Your maturity and reason will bring you good luck and receipt. Of course, sometimes you think too much and it will hinder progress. So, there must be a degree to doing anything.


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