Are you calm and quiet?

calm and quiet

The road to life is full of twists and turns and there are always difficulties. So, in the face of the ups and downs of life, are you always able to keep calm and quiet, or will you behave irrationally? Please look at the test below. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)


Begin the Test:

1)      If you are an artist and you are drawing a portrait of a person, which part of the model do you pay most attention to?

A) Face (continue to question 2)

B) Body (continue to question 3)


2)      Did you always share your life and your mood on internet?

A) Not really (continue to question 3)

B) Yes (continue to question 4)


3)    Where will you go when you traveling with friend?

A) Nearby city (continue to question 4)

B) Historical sites (continue to question 6)

C) Beach (continue to question 5)


4)    Do you have a habit of writing?

A) No (continue to question 6)

B) Yes (continue to question 5)


5)    You are very interested in cooking?

A) No (continue to question 6)

B) Yes (continue to question 7)


6)    You are very interested in fantasy stories?

A) No(continue to question 8)

B) Yes (continue to question 7)


7)    If where you live has nuclear radiation, what will you do?

A) Doesn’t care, continue on with life (continue to question 8)

B) Stay home, try to avoid going out (continue to question 9)

C) Run away (continue to question 10)


8)    Which of the following conditions makes you feel embarrassed?

A) An important party, you fell when you came to power (continue to question 9)

B) A particularly important date, but you were half an hour late (continue to question 10)

9)      Which of the following stories do you think is more in line with your taste?

A) Cartoon (continue to question 10)

B) Fairy tale (continue to type B)


10) What do you think will happen if you throw a rock in to the lake?

A) After a sound, the lake calmed (continue to type A)

B) For a long time, there is a lot of water on the water (continue to type C)

C) The spray is very high (continue to type D)


Test Result:

Type A:   You are very well-behaved. Even if there will be wind and rain in your life, you will face it with an optimistic attitude and actively seek solutions. You regard life’s wind and rain as an important life experience. You believe that everything has a solution, and everyone has their own destiny. With such a calm heart to deal with life, these storms are nothing in front of you.


Type B:   You are a very pessimistic pessimist. Usually, your appearance is very strong, but your heart is very fragile. In the face of all the hardships in life, you remain calm, but your heart has collapsed.


Type C:   You are a person who can think more, have a very broad vision, and be able to think deeply. You are always vigilant and have enough foresight on the wind and rain in your life. When the storm hits, you already think about countermeasures. You can solve the difficulties fairly calmly, but people admire it.


Type D:   Your psychological quality is poor. When the storm hits, you are immediately overwhelmed. Your head is blank and you do not know how to deal with it. It takes a long time before you think of going to action. Here, we advise you to strengthen crisis awareness in order to be prepared. Otherwise, you will not be able to deal with it again next t


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