What capability you lack of?


What capability you lack of?

If you were given a chance to see the hell, which part of the hell you wish to see?


A.    Process of the judgement

B.    Process of people to be tortured

C.     Process of reincarnation

D.    The daily life of the workers in the hell


Test Results:


A.    You lack of the capability to decide for your own. You look like a person lack of confidence and seem vulnerable. You hate to have conflict with others and compete with others. However, you dislike to being looked down upon by others. Thus, you often feel uncomfortable with others. This will hurt you even more. You are advised to develop your own interest and think about the life after work. Don’t get yourself isolated.

B.    You lake of the ability to being empathic toward others. You only concern on your feeling, and enlarge the difficulties you faced like it is the end of the world. But, if the same problems happened to others, you will treat it as something very common. Hence, you lack of the empathy to others. You are advised to take care of others and feel what others feel. Don’t always think that you are the only victim. At the end of the day, no one is willing to be your friends.

C.     You lack of the capability to change. People think that your life is rigid. You always think that you are able to stand for loneliness and hide the part that unwilling to he revealed by others. What you need is the courage to make a change. You are advised to emphasize on your true feeling and try to let out what is inside you.

D.    You need to be stable. You are a clever and flexible person. People find difficult to understand you as your mind is different from others. What you interest in also rarely seem to be liked by others. Although people was impressed by your abilities, but your life is not stable at all. So, you need to be stable. You should cut out your habit to speak or act contrary to others. Perhaps you are right sometimes, but bear in mind that things are decided based on opinion of majority, but not you.


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