What is your “car accident injuries” in relationship?

car accident injuries

What is your “car accident injuries” in relationship?

There is a diamond crown locked in a box, there are six handles at the box. Only one handle can unlock the box. The siren will ring if the wrong handle is pulled. Which handle will you pull?

A. The handle with the sign “pull here”
B. The handle with the sign “this is fake”
C. The handle with the sign “this is really real”
D. The handle with the sign “try and pull”
E. The handle with the sign “good luck”
Test Results:

A. You are a tame animal and hate competition. The fatal injury in your relationship is the presence of the third person who get into your relationship. When someone get involved into your relationship, you don’t take part in the competition aggressively. This kind of attitude is what your rival wants. It is good to settle it in a peace way. But don’t choose to escape as he is the person who care a lot. No matter how unwilling you are, please be brave to join the competition.

B. You are clever and confident that you don’t trust people easily. If there is someone chase after you, you will still doubt about his intention. Even if you are be in a relationship, you will still stay alert always to protect yourself. Hence, conflict and argument might happen more often between both of you compare to other couples. Actually, your fatal injury is that you care too much on your feeling. You are advised to stand in your lover’s shoes and trust each other. By this way, nothing can influence the love for each other.

C. What will you choose among love and bread? You have not much concept on money, thus financial issue will be the fatal “car accident injuries” in your relationship. You are familiar with the situation of unstable income, right? Once there is any emergency incident happens, you will be in difficulties. Although love is precious, but life is reality. You are advised to emphasize more on financial issue and face the reality.

D. Are you long for a wedding with lot of guests? This is because you are a person that need support. For sure, it will be yourfatal “car accident injuries” if you fail to get blessing for your relationship. If your relationship is obstructed by the people around you, you will feel like giving up your relationship, let alone disagree by both parents. To overcome the barrier, time, patient and courage are needed. If you have decided to marry him, then just give up persuading others. As long as you are sincere enough, people will be moved.

E. You are a happy and optimistic person. You seem like never face any difficulties in your relationship, it is quite good. Are your relationship too stable until it become kind of boring? Your fatal injury is “changeless”. You are advised to change another way to treat him and seek for some excitement to make your relationship stay fresh.


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