What is your career connect path

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What is your career connect path

You obtain Doraemon’s Everywhere Door, after you get into the door, you realize that you cannot decide the destination. Which place would you think make you suffer the most?

A. African savannah that full of lions
B. The legendary eighteen levels hell
C. The recreation area for the patients in the mental hospital
D. Tribes of cannibals

Test Results:

A. You distinguish clearly your job and personal time. You know how to separate your job from your personal life. In your work place, you are a serious, professional and experienced. But apart from your work place, your behaviour might surprise the people that are not familiar with you. You enjoy your personal life very much, sometimes, you act like a child and do something silly.

B. Your working attitude is same as your attitude when you first entered the company. You are optimistic, and you don’t care much on the career connect position. You think that it is not everything in your life and treat your job as only part of your life. You just do anything you like in your work place, usually there is no major change in your mindset. You also don’t purposely please or embarrass someone.

C. Please beware to become a nagger in your work place. You are kind hearted and passion. Just sometime, you tend to nag a lot. Actually, you are kind and wish to share your experience to the newbie, but everyone handles things in different ways. Newbie might find it is hard to accept your nagging.

D. Deep inside your heart, you think that people should live happily. Thus, you don’t care much to deal with people in a good way. For you, competition and office war are totally not important, and you don’t even bother about it. You only take care of your part and make sure you are happy.


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