Is it suitable for career transition in the beginning of the year?

career transition

Everyone will plan for their career in the beginning of the year. Thus, people tend to change their job in the beginning of the year. How about you? Are you satisfied with your current job? Are you consider on career transition?
1) When you wake up in the morning…
A. Feel happy because you can complete the undone task
B. Feel lucky as the disquieting day has passed, and go to work like usual
C. Feel excited for the coming weekends

2) The first thing to do when you get back to your working place is…
A. Switch on the computer and get yourself a cup of coffee before start working
B. Make a cup of coffee, chatting with colleagues, fixing your make up and flip through the vacancies advertisement
C. Send your private email and keep chatting with your friends until you realized you have something important to be done

3) During lunch time, you feel that…
A. Oh God, time flies really fast whenever I am working seriously
B. Feel lucky because no one realise that you counting down the time in office
C. You need to complete the task before 5pm, but we still have to eat

4) It is time to leave office…
A. Your task is still not completed yet, and decided to work overtime
B. Finally, it is time to leave, I have to leave faster
C. It is alright to continue the task tomorrow

5) It is the last working day for this week, you feel…
A. Feel proud of yourself for the completed tasks
B. It is not much time left, so it is no point working hard
C. Feel satisfied with what you had done and should enjoy the weekend

6) What is your greatest motivation to work?
A. New tasks that are unpredictable and challenging
B. Four and half working days and paid leave for every year
C. Working under a comfortable environment

7) You feel unsatisfied the most in your workplace is…
A. You have not much time to do the tasks you interested in
B. Need to work five days a week
C. Sometimes you feel exhausted

8) A hunter company offer you a job with additional 500 dollars of salary, you…
A. Reject them and refuse to leave your current company
B. Accept happily, and think that they should offer you earlier
C. Feel happy to be offered to another job and looking forward to the upcoming opportunity

9) Your superior commended your efficiency and gave you a hint that he will get you a promotion, but it relies on your performance on the new task. You…
A. Accept the new task and treat it as a good opportunity to perform
B. Unwilling to accept the new task and think of career transition
C. Opportunity to get promotion make you feel excited but the challenging new task make you feel stress too. You hope there is no next time to be in this kind of situation

10) You think that your colleagues…
A. Is an inspired, intelligence, dedicated and fun team
B. You will stay far from them and rarely talk to them or cooperate with them to avoid them from knowing your plan and thought
C. Is a group of friends sharing the same interests, especially in the topic to discuss about the superior

11) An emergency meeting has been called up to discuss on the fund-raising event. Your reaction is…
A. Feel surprise about the social responsibility and willing to take part of it
B. Too busy and have no free time to get involved in this kind of event
C. If it is beneficial to your promotion, then you will take part

12) After looking at your work scope, you…
A. Get to know your achievement among this few years from the neat and tidy proposal
B. Feel bored and annoyed, and think who are willing to work under this environment
C. Although it is messy, but you have your own working style that will not affect your work progress

13) One day you realize you had working in this company for four years…
A. Feel shocked, but you still find the job interesting and exciting
B. Cannot believe that you had spent four years in this company and feel upset because you are still staying there
C. Feel surprised and think that you are used to this repetitive working life

14) Performance evaluation is going to carry out soon, you are asked by your superior about your plan for the coming two years. You think…
A. Maybe just remain at the same job position and believe that you will be able to achieve your plan in this company
B. You will definitely leave this company and shift to another company if you are given chance
C. You might get promotion if staying in this company, but there is a possibility to career transition to another company

Test Results:

Choose A majorly: You are a motivated, well organized and dedicated staff who perform well in your job position. Obviously, you are satisfied with tour current job and interested in it. However, you should not reject the chance to move to the better position or move to another company that can let you perform your talent better.

Choose B majorly: You are not enthusiastic to your current job and people can hardly imagine why are you still working. Your dissatisfaction and complains bring no benefit to yourself, company and your colleagues. Laziness and fear are the reason to hold you back from keep moving. If you wish to improve your current situation, you should change your attitude first to be positive and energetic. At the same time, try to get yourself a new job that is suitable for you.

Choose C majorly: Similar to other office workers, you are facing difficulties in your career now. However, you decide to stay at the same place after you evaluate the gain and loss and you hope to have a better future in your current company. The problem is that you are still hesitating. Thus, you should figure out whether the current job is suitable for you, then just make decision decisively. Either continue to stay at the current job or career transition to have a better achievement.


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