Interpret your love from the casual games

casual games

Interpret your love from the casual games

If you have to choose a death method as the end of the casual games, how would you choose?

A: Gas poisoning, quietly dying
B: Plane crash
C: Being stabbed to death on the street
D: Be chased by the beast to the end of the cliff, and fall to the cliff
E: Sleeping at the beach, the waves rising from the tide are drowned in the sea


A: Your love philosophy is slow work, in your love game, there is no big wind and big waves, only lingering, this love can stand the test, it is worth cherishing

B: Your love is always turning around in your small circle. You want to find a different person who knows each other in a familiar environment.

C: You seem to be very demanding, but in fact, as long as the other person is better for you, you are easy to be impressed and give your heart. You will plan your future alone and work hard to achieve it.

D: Constantly changing, pursuing adventure and stimuli can satisfy your fickle heart. It’s not how high you are asking each other, but the other party must be able to withstand the frustration of your fickleness.

E: Don’t trap yourself in a messy relationship between men and women, be arrogant and indecisive, love should be a little more stable.


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