Test your personality based on your catch phrase

catch phrase

In our daily life, everybody has a catch phrase in his mouth, but few people does know that your catch phrase will also expose your personality secrets. Let’s take a look at what is your catch phrase and see what is your personality is.


Begin the Test:

The following catchphrases, which ones did you use the most?

A): It’s true, be honest, it is

B): Absolutely, definitely

C): I heard, somebody said, there was a saying

D): Maybe, perhaps, might

E): But, however, although

F): This, okay, yeah, oh


Test Result:

Choose A:  You are a little impatient, you want to people’s approval and applause.


Choose B:  You are very confident and a very reliable your boss like you a lot but sometimes you are lost your confidence.


Choose C:  You are a very contradiction person, not very decisive, always want to keep a way to back out. You are very sleek, not decisive enough.


Choose D:  You are very protective of yourself, always try to hide yourself, doesn’t want to expose your true thoughts. But tell you are coworkers and the friends should like you a lot, because you always know how to balance people’s emotions.


Choose E:  You pay attention to protect yourself, but you are often capricious. But your argument is very soft, not aggressive at all when not discomfort anybody.


Choose F:  You’re either very innocent or very sleekly. But doesn’t matter which one, you’re actually very lonely and insecure inside.


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