Know personality of a man from the way he carries his cell phone parts

cell phone parts

Know personality of a man from the way he carries his cell phone parts

When he carries his cell phone, which habit does he shows most often?

There is a window in your room that allows you to overlook the scenery outside. If you want to a curtain at the window, which type of curtain would you choose?

A.    Like to hang at the waist

B.     Like to hold it in hand

C.     Like to put in purse

D.    Like to put it behind his butt

E.     Like to hang in front his chest

Test Results:

A.    He is a possessive and a control freak. Care about what others think of him. So, he works hard and perform well. He thirsts for knowledge and has a wide range of interests. He respects others, but it is not easy for him to accept other’s opinions. He succeeded because of his kindness and hard work. He is good honest man indeed. He has a strong sense of family and works hard for his family.

B.    He is a man who likes challenging life and enjoys living independently. He has a strong ability to achieve his goal. He has many desires in life. He is a man of thought with endless topics and ideals. He also wishes to live an easy life. Usually, he is a man with great talent. He is having a good taste in life, and would be a sentimental and affectionate man.

C.     He is a conservative man who enjoys a normal and comfortable life. He believes that a good family life and a good relationship would lead to a happy life. He values his family life and respects his family members. He treats children’s education importantly and be able to create a harmonious and happy family relationship. At the same time, he is able to lead the family and hope to be respected by them.

D.    He longing for a free and carefree life. He thinks that a real man should be generous and should not haggle over every ounce on every little thing. His life is colourful as he like to accept different challenges and seek for excitement in life. He needs same-sex friends. He prefers a family with a loving father and strict mother.

E.     He likes to make friends who having interest and idea in common. He has strong desire to seek for knowledge but unfortunately, he has no chance to perform his ability. A suitable working partner is important to develop a good working mood for him to work hard. He is a potential man who loves his job. He emphasize on material life, thus he work ward to get a better living quality.


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