To test the characteristics of a narcissist

characteristics of a narcissist

 To test the characteristics of a narcissist

On the way to work, it rain suddenly. You enter a convenient shop to buy an umbrella. There are five types of umbrella, which one would you choose?

  1. Solid umbrella
  2. Animal picture printed umbrella
  3. Polka dot printed umbrella
  4. Foldable umbrella
  5. Plain colour umbrella

Test Results:

  1. You are not narcissistic; you think you are only an ordinary person. You are not confident about your appearance. This make you like to dress yourself up to rectify your weaknesses, and show the strength. Thus you chose solid umbrella, subconsciously, you hope to gain attention from others.
  2. You are just normal. You know you are not that pretty, but you are the cute type with happy and friendly character. Many people like to chitchat with you in occasion. When people get along with you, they feel easy because you are natural. Thus you have a lot of friends although you are not a pretty girl.
  3. Choosing polka dot umbrella means that you are confident about your appearance, but it is not considered as narcissistic yet. You know there are a lot of people are much prettier than you, and you think that maybe not everybody appreciates who you are. Once you are out of love, you will turn insane because you can’t accept the truth that being dumped by someone else. Eventually, you have no illusion in relationship.
  4. Using a foldable umbrella shows that you are full of confident. You often flirt with the people around you. You think you should show your charm since you are so blessed to be given such a pretty face. You will immerse yourself in the realm of love to play love game.
  5. With a plain colour umbrella, you are extremely narcissistic. You think your appearance is out of the world. You spend most of your time to look into the mirror, you will not let go anything that can reflect your face, even a puddle of water. You often admire your own face. You love yourself too much that you disdain to love the people around you. Probably tour life partner would be your mirror.


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