How is your christian marriage?

christian marriage

How is your christian marriage?

Choose one of the following that you want the most:

A: Natural and flowing long hair
B: Sexy curly shawl hair
C: Simple student hairstyle
D: Pretty short hair


A: The hairstyle you like is slightly conservative, typical of the Oriental girl type. But it will never be abandoned by fashion. The love you pursue is also the kind of constant, white-headed, simple and romantic, ordinary and persistent. Full of desire for love, but refuses to love earth-shattering.

B: You are mature and full of charm, knowing how to use women’s traits to conquer men.

C: Your personality is lively, it is absolutely easy to get along with you, and you will indulge in your love without knowing it. The love you yearn for is simple, committed, and going forward.

D: You are sometimes too calm, in love, you will use your only chips, boldly attack, let go. The result of your hard work is often a big win.


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