Which type of happy classy women are you?

classy woman

Which type of happy classy women are you?

1.     When you were a primary school student, what kind of kid you were?

A.    A kid that stay quietly in the corner, but impress others when speak out something

B.    Leader of a group of kids

C.    A loner that always been left behind

2.     The cartoon main character you like the most

A.    Crayon Shin-chan

B.    Doraemon

C.     Snoopy

3.     People describe your laughter as

A.    High-pitched laughter

B.    Resonant laughter

C.     Restrained laughter

4.     The comedian you like the most

A.    You Ge, I like his black humour

B.    Stephen Chow, I like his nonsense action

C.     Jim Carrey, I like his unconventional and romantic personality

5.     In which situation you think that humour holds a positive role

A.    When you are enlightened by it

B.    When you are amused by it

C.     As long as it is not vulgar

6.     When you need to announce bad news, you think

A.    “I have no choice, I have to do so.”

B.    “Maybe it is better to announce it in a humorous way.”

C.     “Why am I the one to announce?”

7.     Your friend gave you a sweater as gift, but you dislike the colour and the pattern. You will

A.    Give it to your sister

B.    Wear it when you stay at home

C.     Throw it into the dustbin immediately

8.     You are completely exhausted after a whole day working in office. After you went back to your house, you found your fridge has nothing inside. You will

A.    Take aspirin and sleep

B.    Go for carouse and forget about the trouble

C.     Have a cup of tea to get a clear mind, then buy some groceries in the supermarket

9.     Which American TV series you like the most

A.    “Desperate Housewives”

B.    “Friends”

C.     “Grey’s Anatomy”

10.  If you were invited to a costume ball, you will dress up as

A.    Gypsy Girl

B.    Mickey Mouse

C.     Mermaid

Test Result:

A.    If most of your answers are A, it shows that you are a sorrowful happy woman. For you, the funniest thing is when you see a big hole on the pants of the person walking in front of you or when you see a person steps on a banana peel and fall. Pathetic experiences or people who are in hardship will always made you laugh. You like black humour very much, funny but suffering. What you did will make people think that you are taking pleasure in other’s misfortune. In fact, when you are laughing, maybe you see yourself in them. For you, painful joy is an instinctive reaction of an inferior person to protect themselves. You can only be a happy woman if you peel off the protective layer.

B.     If most of your answers are B, it shows that you are an excited happy woman. You are the one who laugh out loud alone in the cinema. You don’t live in other eyes and express your happiness freely. This is not a new thing, you were called as ‘smiling doll’ since you were a kid. Now, your motto is: Look only the bright side of the things. You bring a lot of joy to the people around you. At the same time, people get no aid from you if they whine to you because you will not spare a glance for misery of others. You are advised to adjust your mental attitude and not being over optimistic in order to benefit others and yourself.

C.     If most of your answers are C, it shows that you are a conservative happy woman. A faint smile is the only thing you can respond to a joke or increment of salary, even though you are on cloud nine. It is nothing bad if you express yourself in restrained and reserved way. However, it may easily lead to misunderstanding. Just imagine, you are attending a birthday party of your sister or your best friend’s promotion celebration. Throughout the event, you act like it is none of your business with a poker face, people will think that you are not sincere and jealous of them. So, open your heart and let your happiness reveal naturally to make your life more beautiful.


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