Will you have cold war facts with people?

cold war facts

When there is a conflict with people, some people choose to quarrel. Some people like the Cold War facts. Others choose reconciliation. Look at the following test. Which one do you choose?

Begin the Test:

You are currently starting your own business and have your own office in the office building. You want to dress up the office in a special way. So what kind of curtain would you choose?

A) Elegant retro bamboo blinds

B) The pale drapes that can be pulled apart on the left and right

C) Unilaterally pulled curtain

D) Shutters

Test Result:

Choose A:      You are the type of person who will carry out the cold war to the end. As long as others are sorry for you, you will be cold war. And, you will insist that you don’t easily lose. You also lost friendship because of a cold war with friends, but you are hard to change.

Choose B:      You will not easily fight cold with people. Contradictions with people, you will be treated to see the problem, to see if it is your own mistake. If so, you will take the initiative to admit it; if not, you will be cold.

Choose C:      The most annoying thing in your bones is the Cold War. You would rather have the other side quarrel with you. They don’t want to say nothing and continue the cold war. Therefore, you will not be able to count on who is right or wrong, and you will not easily be cold-witted.

Choose D:      Whether or not you are cold when you are angry depends on who the other person is. If you are a close person, you will reconcile. If you are unfamiliar or you hate people, you don’t care.


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