How is your colleague connection?

colleague connection

When in the workplace, you naturally cannot avoid bumping into your colleagues. What is your colleague connection? Let’s take this test and find out.

Begin the Test:

If one day, you go to climb the mountain and get lost in the middle. At this time, you heard the sound of a motor vehicle. Then, what car do you hope to appear?

A) Car

B) Motorcycle

C) Taxi

D) Truck

Test Result:

Choose A:      In your work, you must consider issues from your presence. Therefore, you will not deliberately make good relations with your colleagues. It will not be stunned with whom. You are the type that you can protect yourself, and you release items from your own goals. What do you feel about how to do it? You don’t think about it or think about it.

Choose B:      In fact, you really hope that the relationship with your colleagues is like family members. You feel that your colleagues must be so nervous about the relationship, as if there are endless benefits. So, you are very much concerned with having a good relationship with everyone. After dinner, I often have dinner with my colleagues. Do you think colleagues are also friends, friendship is good, doing things is not very convenient?

Choose C:      You are a very objective, public and private person. You absolutely will not protect anyone because of who you are. You will not bring the feeling of private secrecy into the work. You think that if you make mistakes at work, you are all the same. Maybe colleagues have opinions about you. But you feel that you are right.

Choose D:      If you are a leader, your favorite colleagues must choose a good one. You do not care about this person’s ability is not super, you care about whether this person is in your hand, listen to you. You don’t like the kind of co-workers who are very eye-pleasing, and feel that this will make you think too much and be too tired. It would be your whole heart to prefer a simple idiot.


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