Popular color personality test

color personality test

Popular color personality test

In the park, you see many painters are drawing other’s portraits. You would like to have your own portrait drawing too. What kind of self-portraits would you choose?


A.    Pencil sketch

B.    Watercolor painting or oil painting

C.     Humorous funny cartoons

D.    Brush and ink painting


Test Results:


A.    Your personality tends to be stubborn and conservative

Usually you look an easy-going person. In fact, your personality is actually stubborn and conservative. Usually, you don’t stick much to your principles when you are with other people. But in some cases, you tend to be stubborn and conservative. In some extent, you are hard to understand.

B.     You have your own philosophy of life

You look serious. Just like an ascetic who is living a boring life. Actually, you have your own unique philosophy of life. Sometimes friends or colleagues will be surprised by your sudden humour. In fact, whenever you meet someone you feel comfortable to get along with, you are also a talkative and sharing person.

C.     You always make your friends and colleagues happy

You are a boring person, always seems serious in front of your boss or elders. In fact, you always make your friends and colleagues happy. You are the mastermind behind the party events. Your external image and internal personality are completely different. The person who don’t know you will be surprised to see your real colour.

D.    You often think too much and care too much about what others think of you

You show a positive image like sunshine, as if you are always happy without facing any difficulties. People who knows you well understand you are not the kind of person who will tells people what is on your mind or shows it on your face. Deep in your heart, you often think too much and care too much about what others think of you. This is driving you crazy.


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