Know your occupation from the cool scenery

cool scenery

Know your occupation from the cool scenery

You go for a tour about the world wonders. One of the activities is to stand in front a special window. You can see a cool scenery that you never seen before if you press a button. You wish to see the cool scenery of ……

A. Rugged and roughed mountain path
B. Cool scenery related to food
C. Cool scenery of green field
D. A scenery of sea and sky
E. Any scenery related to plants
F. A night scenery full of star

Test Results:

A. You are a swift horse that is strong determined and move forward bravely.
You are a bit proud and equipped with knowledge. You are a swift horse equipped with knowledge and power to action. There are qualities to success found from you because you had set a perfect aim for your life, and you will try your best to achieve it. Thus, no matter where you at, you can always have an enviable achievement.

Advise: Since God gave you the abilities to be successful, you should make good use of it! You are suitable to play your strengths in the field of trading, banking, publication, technology and others.

B. You are a Happy Pig and being happy is your life purpose.
You only know eat and sleep and you are the most hardworking when it comes to food. The rest of time you will enjoy yourself or sleep. You have no idea what is competition, stress and struggle. You only know that you are doing something that you want, you won’t care even you look strange from the people surrounding. Your life motto is: “Mind is more important, just stay happy”.

Advise: You are not able to develop yourself under the body that emphasizes rules, and performance. You cannot adapt yourself in that kind of situation, and the people around you will also got affected. So, you are suitable in the field of creativity, art, interior design, beauty, culinary and other more.

C. You are a cow that is hardworking and honest.
You work hard in your whole life. You are the kind of person that work hard and plan regularly. You feel satisfied when you done your own part. You have a strong execution power and strong sense of responsibility.

Advise: You will feel miserable if you are asked to think some bad idea. Instead, you feel good when you done the tasks that asked by other people. You are suitable to work in the field of secretarial, administration, education, professional skill and others.

D. You are a free bird which enjoy freedom and seek for new things.
You are just like a tiny bird that explore the sky and the land with the free heart. You will only feel satisfied after you explored all the view in the world and experienced all the sorrow and happiness in the life. You are good in socializing and you dislike the life full of restrictions. If you can meet different things and different friends every day, you will feel that your life is more meaningful.

Advise: Make good use of your eloquence and public relation ability to create more opportunities for yourself. You can play your strengths in the field of mass communication, entertainment, promoter, public relation, tourism and others.

E. You are a clever monkey, but you are impatient
You look like a money that will only play with other monkeys. In truth, you are mind is very complicated, you always plan what to do next. You can be regarded as a clever person. You make good use of your strengths to make other people like you and affirm your ability. Although sometimes you will show your impatient side, but it doesn’t spoil your good image in front of people.

Advise: It is not a difficult thing to be the top person in the pyramid with your knowledge and abilities. You are suitable to work in the field of medical, law, politic and others.

F. You are a mysterious cat that always play hot and cold and emotional
Your eyes seem like be able to see through the hypocrisy of human. You always play hot and cold to others. Sometimes you are passion and sometimes you are indifferent. All of these are based on your mood. Your mood is rarely being influenced by others. You are self-centred, and you dislike your life being distracted by others and you wish to handle everything.

Advice: It is better for you to give instruction to others. Thus, occupation like fortune teller and psychoanalyst suit you the best.


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