What can you learn from your current competitions?

current competitions

The reason why a rival can become a rival is because he has a certain threat in your emotional relationship. Therefore, a love rival must have a better side than you, or have certain advantages that you do not have. So you must understand your love rivals and learn from each other to become more competitive. Then, the fruit of the victory of love is not far away from you. The so-called know yourself and know each other, then you will receive victorious. Let’s test it together. You can learn something from your current competitions.

By taking the test below, there are three choices per each question, every choice has a correspond score, once you finish all the questions, add the scores and review the correspond result at the end.


Begin the Test:

1)      Did you escape school when you were in school?

A) Yes (1 point)

B) No (2 point)

C) Don’t remember (3 point)


2)      Are you not used to talking to someone who is not too familiar?

A) Yes (4 point)

B) No (6 point)

C) Natural (7 point)


3)    If you are angry, the tone of speaking with your leader will increase?

A) Yes (1 point)

B) No (2 point)

C) Maybe (6 point)


4)    If you have a rival, will you be very concerned about his/her actions and details of life?

A) Yes (8 point)

B) No (9 point)

C) Unlikely (1 point)


5)    Do you have a very rich body language when you talk to people?

A) Yes (1 point)

B) No (2 point)

C) Natural (3 point)


6)    When in school, do you like to pass a note in class?

A) Yes (4 point)

B) No (5 point)

C) Don’t remember (6 point)

Test Result:

8-12 points:   Your love rivals is a game player, so in this three-player game, the calmness shown by the rivals is what you lack. You want to win too much. If you don’t bother to understand what love people need, you will only chase them enthusiastically, but you will not start from the other side’s needs, nor will you observe it. No wonder the people you love are getting colder and colder to you and turn to your rivals. So, pay attention to the proper distance and space for people who love you. This will make you look more attractive, and sometimes you will be more concerned about you.


12-21 points: Your rival is better than you tolerate and tolerate. You are preoccupied with, so that your loved ones slowly grow into gaps with you, and gradually get away from you. And your love rival shows gentleness and devotion to the person you love. As time goes by, your loved one will leave you and enter into the embrace of your rival. Therefore, we must learn to be tolerant and understanding so that we can go further with our loved ones. It is not too late to wake up now.


21-27 points: What you want to learn from your rival is to love someone with patience, long-lasting, and no payback. Is the so-called “sincere, the stone is open” in love. No one can refuse people who really care about themselves. Therefore, if you want to win the hearts of your loved ones, you have to work hard in this area! You pay for the other person whole-heatedly. For the sake of the other person, you will move the other person and finally accept you.


28-34 points: What you have to learn about rivals is to think twice before acting. You are too easy to lose your temper and do not know how to restrain your emotions. Once you have a conflict with someone you love, you can’t temper tantrums. In the end, it is very likely that the person you love will be away from you and let your rivals have a chance to go. When you regret, it will be too late.


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