Your current state in the heart of your colleague

current state

Your current state in the heart of your colleague

You need to wake up early tomorrow. To avoid being late, you need to set up alarm to wake you up. Where would you put the alarm clock?

A. At distant of one hand
B. Put it beside your ear to wake you up
C. Put it within the hearing range as far as possible

Test Results:

A. You care a lot how people think about you. Although you want to have an independent personality, but it is your habit to ask for opinion from others when you faced problem. You might not follow what other told you too. By your logic: No harm to listen more advise and opinion from others, why not?

B. You think you can wake up on time if you put the alarm clock beside your ear. Only that, you can sleep tight. Actually, you are very dependent on others. Because of this, you have a very friendly personality which enable you to mix well with others in a group.

C. You own a great leadership, and it can be shown more obviously among a group of people. But bear in mind, don’t be too arrogant. You like to do things on your own without depend on others. Besides that, according to the statistics, the people tend to be more unapproachable if the alarm clock put farther.


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