Are you a decisive man?

decisive man

There is a saying that when it is broken, it must be chaotic. It can be seen that decisiveness plays a major role in a person’s success and success. Are you a decisive man? Look at the questions below.


Begin the Test:

If you suddenly get a bonus, but if you use this money to buy shoes that you liked for a long time, it seems not enough; if you go to buy that nice shirt, hundreds of blocks remain. So how do you deal with this money?

A) Add some money and buy the shoes

B) Buy shirts and buy other small things

C) Never mind, keep the money


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are still quite decisive, and occasionally hesitate, but at an important moment, you will still make decisions decisively. And, you usually don’t regret making a decision. Because you have a very good face, so others will think you are a very determined person.


Choose B:      You have no decisiveness, no idea, everything you need to consult with others. What’s even more frightening is that even if you consult other people’s opinions, you still cannot be determined. Your life, ah, is not in the choice, it is on the way to choose, quite tangled.


Choose C:      Generally speaking, in small matters, you can be very open and you will make decisions more resolutely. However, when you come across something that is tricky or closely related to your destiny, you will show weaknesses and will hesitate. Moreover, you have the suspicion of escaping from making decisions. If you have family members or the other half, you usually give them the decision.



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