Do you want to play devil games?

devil games

There might be a devil lives in everyone’s heart, a dark side. Do you want to know what kind darkness is there in your heart? So please play devil games. With this question, you can clearly know it is a devil in your heart or an angel.


Begin the Test:

One day, in the forest, a big sheep and a little sheep encountered a wolf. What do you think will happen?

A): The big sheep tells the little sheep: “Look at the fierce glare of that wolf, you are doomed”

B): The little sheep tells the big sheep: “I am so small, doesn’t have much meat, I think the wolf’s target is you”

C): The wolf eat both sheep

D): The wolf and the sheep become friends


Test Result:

Choose A:         There’s a strong devil hid in your heart. You may seem gentle from the outside, but you actually have a very strong sense of superiority, and look down on other people. And you are only helping people to show off your confident and superiority.


Choose B:         There’s a cowardly devil hid in your heart. You are extremely insecure. Even the smallest changes will make you extremely nervous. When you encounter trouble, no matter how much the other try to comfort you, the weakness in your heart will still make you feel very insecure. You must grow stronger inside to avoid panic when things happened and be rational about it.


Choose C:         There’s a pessimistic devil hid in your heart. You are actually a lot more mature than your actual age, so you often think too much. At the same time, you always view things very pessimistically, and think you will still futile no matter how hard you work.


Choose D:       There’s a naive devil hid in your heart. You are very positive about everything. Also, you always think there are not any bad people or bad things in this world, so you never have any guard against anybody. If there ever going to be someone evil trying to trick you, you will be totally destroyed.


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