Will you be discharged from employment?

discharged from employment

Will you be discharged from employment?

Many people wish to eliminate their tummy fat. Exercise is the way suggested by the experts. If you wish to loss the fat in your body, which kind of method you think is the best method?

A. Jogging
B. Aerobic exercise
C. Using sport equipment at home
D. Do some group exercise that can make you sweat a lot (such as playing basketball)

Test Results:

A. For you, your career is part of your life. You understand that the stress from work and sacrifice your personal time to work overtime are something that are unavoidable. So, you will still do it with full effort. You will not be considered to be discharged from employment, because a wise boss know that you are the person to bear the responsibility in some urgent issue. If you are terminated, then the company will not be able to last long.

B. You are a patient worker, even there are a lot of trivial matters, you will still do it patiently. But unfortunately, maybe you spend too much time on those trivial matters, so the boss think that you are a worker like an ant, and not capable to handle big job. If your company really want to reduce the number of workers, you should be careful.

C. It is not easy for your boss to terminate you. This is because you have a strong interpersonal relationship although your working ability is not that good. You have the ability to arouse people. Your boss might not dare to disturb you because he worries the other workers will be angry. Your boss might fire you first before he fires the other workers.

D. You are not really aware of the cruelness and meanness of the work place. You always judge things using your naïve mindset and you are not diligent enough when dealing with your job. You are not willing to work for the company and don’t think that your boss doesn’t know about tricks. He only pretends like he doesn’t know. If there is a need to terminate worker, you will be the one to be terminated.


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