Do you have dual personality?

dual personality

There’s many side of everyone. Some people have a double side of demon and angle; for some people, sometimes they are easy to communicate sometimes they are not. Let’s take the test below to find out if you have dual personality.


Begin the Test:

You fall in love with someone who already has a lover, he/she said he/she is already broke up, but one day, you find out they are still in contact with each other on the internet, what will you do?

A): Break up with he/she

B: Make he/she choose between he/she and you

C): Go straight to he/she and make it clear

D): Wait and see


Test Result:

Choose A:         You are a very straightforward person, you don’t know how to fake it. You are very insist on yourself, doesn’t matter if it’s in your life, your job or your personal relationship, there’s only one side of you, you wouldn’t hide from yourself, you will act according to your mind.


Choose B:         You are an affectionate person, you have a dual personality in love relationship, a different side in front and behind of people. For an example when you are in love, you like the feeling of being in love, so when you are arguing with your lover, you will go tell your friend, but you will never be mad in front of your lover, you will pretend to be obedience.


Choose C:         You have a dual personality at work, and only one side in your life. You are a workaholic, therefore you would want to be perfect at your job, that’s why you are a totally different person when you are facing your boss vs your colleagues. Your colleagues would think your “boss’s pet” but always so wronged in front of them.


Choose D:       You don’t only have two sides, there are actually many sides of you. Because you always change based on your mood, you can’t even catch your own personality, you do whatever you want without any logic, leave everyone else around you in a mist.



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