Test your ability to respond to emerg


There will always be unexpected situations in our lives. The conditions we need to deal with are always varied, and having the ability to respond to unexpected events is crucial. Do you have the ability to respond to emerg? Look at the the test below.


Begin the Test:

Your father saw your bill and found you could spend money. He called and asked why you spend so much money. What are you going to say?

A) I’ve always been like this, and when I see good things, I buy them. You just know now.

B) Oh, no, no signal, I’ll call you later

C) I want to spend money when I feel bad


Test Result:

Choose A:      Your thinking is very clear. You know everything you need to do in the end. Even in the event of an emergency, you can clearly find a solution to the problem and there will be no panic. You can also say that your good eloquence allows you to successfully seek help and help in emergencies.


Choose B:      You are used to thinking deeply about anything you do. If you come across a sudden situation, you may feel a little confused at first, but after calm down, you can see the key to the problem and solve the problem easily. Of course, sometimes thinking too long will make the problem more complex or difficult to solve. Therefore, it is also very important to act in a timely manner.


Choose C:      Your ability to respond is not strong, it can be said that there are some delays. When dealing with emergencies, you tend to be very dull. You can’t figure out the situation and you don’t know where to start. Even if you have ideas, it is difficult to put it into practice because you really lack the courage to act. So, train yourself to become stronger. Otherwise, it is your own fault to face unexpected situations.




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