See through your emotional loneliness in heart

emotional loneliness

See through your emotional loneliness in heart

You moved to the log cabin that you long for, you best friend wants to install a bench at the place that is most suitable for sunset. What do you think of the bench?

A. It is hanging up, just like the swing
B. Elegant furniture from Northern Europe
C. Vintage bench
D. Chair made up of rattan

Test Results:

A. You always be in a daze when you are alone, or else you will think a lot and immersed in your own fantasy. You are a sentimental person that get moved end cry easily, but sometimes crying is good for health.

B. You scare to be lonely, and you look for your friend to have a long chat to get rid of emotional loneliness. You like to look around to add some enjoyment in your life to forget about your loneliness.

C. You can be alone, and it can be said you enjoy the moment to be alone. The only thing is that you always be bothered by the old memories. Just take it easy.

D. You really scare to be lonely. Once you are alone, you will be sentimental. Don’t think too much and live happily, this is life.


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