Are you an emotional person?

emotional person

Emotion person, is a psychological and physiological status deriving from a person’s feeling, thought and behavior, it’s a psychological reaction caused by outside stimulation, and then followed by the physiological reaction. Emotion is a person’s subjective experience and feelings, it often affected by one’s mood, temper and personality. How will do you control your emotion?

Please take the test below. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question. Please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)


Begin the Test:

  1. Are you satisfied with your look?

Yes (continue to question 2)

No (continue to question 5)


2. Do you have a habit of reading newspaper or books?

Yes (continue to question 6)

No (continue to question 3)


3. Do you wear a different outfit everyday?

Yes (continue to question 11)

No (continue to question 7)


4. Do you pay attention even when you just have a slight body discomfort?

Yes (continue to question 8)

No (continue to question 9)


5. Are you always late?

Yes (continue to question 6)

No (continue to question 4)


6. Do you often can’t sleep when you have something important the next day?

Yes (continue to question 4)

No (continue to question 9)


7. Will you lose your appetites if you were scolded by your boss, teacher or parents?

Yes (continue to question 10)

No (continue to question 11)


8. Will you check the expiration date when you drink juice?

Yes (continue to question 12)

No (continue to question 13)


9. Will you feel uncomfortable if you cloth is wrinkled?

Yes (continue to question 8)

No (continue to question 10)


10. Do you have a habit of keeping a diary?

Yes (continue to question 14)

No (continue to question 13)


11. When you raid a train, will you read other people’s new paper or magazine?

Yes (continue to question 15)

No (continue to question 10)


12. Will you keep a saving every month?

Yes (continue to Type A)

No (continue to Type B)


13. Do you think the future is not that great?

Yes (continue to question 12)

No (continue to Type C)


14. Does your watch have a second hand?

Yes (continue to Type C)

No (continue to Type D)


15. Are you the type of person who don’t have much patient to finish listening what other people have to say?

Yes (continue to Type D)

No (continue to question 14)


Test Result:

Type A:     You worry to much.

The main color in your life is black and white, no other colors. Doesn’t matter what you do, you always think of the worst result. Therefore, you wouldn’t even be happy no matter how good is the result. You seek perfection, so you always unhappy because you think you are not good enough. Actually, if you can look at things from a different angle, be positive about the people and things around you, you will be much happier.


Type B:     You are very emotional, like the weather, your emotion is so unpredictable

Your emotional expression is: when you are in a good mood, everything is okay, and when you are in bad mood, you just ignore everyone, therefore you are a person without any principle. You are like this in your private life and job field. People are afraid of you because they need to act according to your mood. This is very immature, so try to control your emotion.



Type C:     You are a very positive person

Basically, you pretty much think from a normal perspective view, you don’t jump right to the bad conclusion when thinking of something, you can calmly analyze the situation, then tell yourself to be positive about it. As a positive person, you improve faster, and your life surely is more colorful.


Type D:     You are a carefree person

You are a rare type of the positive person that is very insensitive, you don’t easily get those messages and feelings, therefore you wouldn’t easily effect by them either. Of course there are pros and cons, the good thing is you can live happily; the bad thing is you can easily offend someone because your intensiveness. But after all, you can keep a happy mood for the most time, which is great!


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