Emotional quotient test

Emotional quotient

When facing emotions, are you a full-fledged rational school or a person who continues to try with his own heart? Want to know what your emotional intelligence is like? Please take this emotional quotient test.


Begin the Test:

Suppose you are particularly afraid of an extreme sport, but yours other half like it a lot and wants to invite you to go. What would you do?

A) Can’t make me go even if you kill me

B) Reluctant to go

C) To challenge yourself, go

D) Pretend sick and not go


Test Result:

Choose A:       You are a full-fledged rational school. It is easy to close yourself in the face of emotions. The impression you give is unpleasant, somewhat autistic and silent. It is recommended that you don’t think too much and bravely put it into action. The result is not as horrible as you think.


Choose B:       You are a brave person. Treat love, as long as you like it, you will take the initiative to let the other know. However, you are also more emotional and somewhat neurotic. Feelings like a gust of wind, but wait for a while, perhaps this gust of wind will be scraped to another person, you may like a lot of people.


Choose C:       You are always very supportive, negotiable and confident with your other half. But to remind you that too confident may make people think you are proud and give people the illusion of getting along well.


Choose D:       You always find many reasons and excuses for yourself. Excuses too much, one day will let your other half loses confidence in your feelings. and so. Do not always make excuses for yourself. If you have problems, you must face them with courage.


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