What are you most afraid to encounter?


In the world, every one of us is afraid of something in our heart. Sometimes we are not willing to face it and want to escape. If you choose to escape from it, what are you most afraid to encounter? Let’s take a look at the test to see the result.


Begin the Test:

Suppose you are a detective, when you go to a murder scene, you find that a young and beautiful woman is dead. She has a silk scarf on her hand. So, what do you speculate about the death of the dead?

A): Murdered by the robbers

B): Be killed by a lover

C): Commit suicide

D):Be killed by the love rival


Test Result:

A: What you are most afraid of is disease. You feel the most painful thing in the world is the incurable disease. You fear that you will become ugly and weak, and end up dead. In your opinion, sickness and death are the devil.


B: What you fear most is a sudden change in your loved one. You are a very strong person. If your parents, your loved ones, your siblings are in trouble. You feel like you have lost all your support and are dying.


C: You are most afraid of ghosts or something. You always feel that there is something in your nature that makes you afraid. You are always tortured by such thoughts.


D: What you fear most is betrayal. The betrayal of a lover or betrayal of your most precious friend will be unbearable, and you will collapse in an instant.


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