Can you become a successful entreprenør?


In a time when the market economy is so advanced, many people choose to start their own businesses. So, can you succeed? Can you become a successful entreprenør? Please take the test below. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)

Begin the Test:

1)      Do you like mature points of the opposite sex?

A) Yes (continue to question 3)

B) No (continue to question 2)

2)      Do you pay attention to maintaining the body?

A) Yes (continue to question 4)

B) No (continue to question 3)

3)    Will you work overtime late for work?

A) Yes (continue to question 5)

B) No (continue to question 4)

4)    Do you often buy some skin care products?

A) Yes (continue to question 5)

B) No (continue to question 6)

5)    If you want to buy a villa in one place, where would you choose?

A) By the forest (continue to question 8)

B) Outskirts (continue to question 6)

C) On the mountain (continue to question 7)

6)    You go to buy sugar. There are three kinds of sugar in the dish. If you have to choose one, what is your choice?

A) Gummy (continue to question 7)

B) Toffee (continue to question 8)

C) Chocolate (continue to question 9)

7)    Do you often watch news?

A) Yes (continue to question 8)

B) No (continue to question 10)

8)    Do you usually want love stories not to have the perfect ending?

A) Yes (continue to question 10)

B) No (continue to question 9)

9)      On a hot day, you want to drink, where would you go to buy it?

A) Small supermarket (continue to type A)

B) Big supermarket (continue to type C)

C) Small store (continue to type D)

10) Will you print out your plan and stick it on the wall?

A) Yes (continue to type B)

B) No (continue to question 9)

Test Result:

Type A:   You are very economical, good at summing up and thinking, strong in communicative competence, and you have strong ambitions, so you will not be content with the status quo. Your smart mind and human resources foundation will make your entrepreneurial journey very smooth.

Type B:   You like to set yourself a question after another. You will also use your own strengths to develop your talents in the right areas. You have a strong sense of humor, and you are very motivated to do things. You will seize the opportunities in due course. You are agile and good personality, these will lay the foundation for your successful business.

Type C:   Your advantage is a strong curiosity. You are sensitive to the world and there are many new ideas and ideas. undoubtedly. These will make you stand out. Your personality, which does not follow the rules, will surprise you and make you a big success. Your road to entrepreneurship is also more outstanding than others.

Type D:   You are a very independent person and will not depend on anyone. You are very responsible and trying to pursue material satisfaction. Even if your start up is unsuccessful, it will also accumulate a lot of experience for you to grow quickly.


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