Reveal your fatal attraction signs

fatal attraction signs

Reveal your fatal attraction signs

If you are a cat, you are looking curiously in one direction. What do you think you are looking at?

A.    A new teddy bear

B.    A delicious fish meal

C.     The dog came in from the neighbor’s house

D.    New guests at home


Test Results:


A.    Trick of playful angel

Entertainment and enjoyment play a very important role in your life. No matter how busy you are, you can’t resist the temptation to go out on a date with friends. To you, happiness is as indispensable as sunshine and air. Therefore, you are likely to spend a lot of time on the things you love, ended up neglecting your work and study. A busy life makes you want to rest and play. On the contrary, if you can set an interesting goal in your work and study, you will strive for happiness. Even if the process is hard, you will do it positively.

B.    Trick of gorgeous angel

Beware of money and material desire to be your devil in your heart. You often save little and spend big. You can save money by eating instant noodles for a few days and accidentally overspent while shopping for nice shoes. This causes you could not save money easily. Although you work very hard, but you are still poor and live a hard life. All these make you tends to become money-oriented and value things in terms of money and ignore the true value of things. It is recommended that you learn to plan your finances well first. Try to think differently about your values.

C.     Trick of jealous angel

Your jealousy will probably make people hate you. You are eager to win, and this personality distract you unconsciously. This will also make others feel uncomfortable and bring no benefits to you. Moreover, this will affect your interpersonal relationship with others and prevent you from getting along with your friends in group life. Try to understand about others or learn to compete with yourself to make yourself a better person.

D.    Failure angel

Failure is often an obstacle to you. Because you are afraid of failure, you miss many good opportunities. Maybe trying new things and new challenges will lead to better results. But your inner demons often give you negative thoughts that keep you from moving forward. Let’s not be afraid or hesitate any more. Many things are not as difficult as you think, but you worry too much. Lack of confidence is also a factor. You can give yourself a few small tasks and do them step by step. You can enjoy the joy of achievement while develop confidence at the same time.



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