How you react in front of financial hardship?

financial hardship

How you react in front of financial hardship?

One day, you are falling down in a parachute. Where is the place you wish to land the most?


A.    Grassland ground

B.    Soft lakeside wetland

C.     Mountaintop

D.    Roof space of a high rise building


Test Results:


A.    You wish to have a smooth life. Even if something gone wrong, you will try your best to keep yourself in a right track, to get a balance and regular life pace. Basically, you are a routineer and suitable to live a regular life.

B.    You are slightly conservative, but you are able to bear with the disappointment in life. You found the way to change yourself from the turning point of your life. Sometime, you hope to be out of the box and rearrange your life pace; but there is not much different in the end.

C.     You believe that one must experience new things to improve. So when you are in difficulties, you will turn the crisis into reverse. Can be said as an optimistic person.

D.    You chase after wealth and fame. When you are facing difficulties, you will go through the difficulties with intelligence and patience, even though you might feel panic. The ambition to be a better person is the impetus to move you forward to success.



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