Where can you find a husband?

find a husband

Where can you find a husband?

If you write a song, one line of the lyrics is something like: “A happy relationship is ( )”, what will you fill in the ( )?

A. Full of the feeling of summer
B. To be together
C. Gorgeous
D. Gentle

Test Results:

A. Usually, your relationship happens outside your daily life, maybe you ever having relationship with foreigner when you travel at oversea. You can easily get yourself a lover at the beach, entertainment place and camping area. So, if you still couldn’t have another half, you should expand your interpersonal circle.

B. For you, you can find a husband easier in the place that is crowded. If you are invited to some party or ball, just attend! If you reach the age for marriage, dating agency is the hope for you.

C. Your relationship can happen majorly at the venue that is memorable for you. Try to walk around your school or the city you lived before. It is also possible to be in relationship with you ex classmates.

D. You can get a lover easier at the places you carry out your daily activities. You can be more relax at those venue, and you can show your charm better.


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