In the event of an emergency, will you get flexible benefits?

flexible benefits

In the event of an emergency, some people will be at a loss and others will be flexible. Will you get flexible benefits? Which one do you belong to? Look at the test below.

Begin the Test:
You have to fly to travel, when you choose flights and airlines, in addition to the safety of the aircraft. What else would you consider?
A) Flight attendant’s services
B) Meal
C) Cabin environment
D) How many language does the flight attendants speak

Test Result:
Choose A:      Because of the good karma in peacetime, you have a lot of gossip messages. In the face of unexpected situations, you can always feel at ease when other people are in a hurry. Because you are ready to respond when others do not know it. Therefore, in the event of an unexpected situation, your ability to adapt is very strong and you can always escape the disaster.

Choose B:      You are not a very flexible person. When we encounter something, we will only stay in the spot. You do not have any sense of crisis. It may be caused by the superior material environment of life. However, don’t worry too much. After a few hardships and trials, your ability to adapt will be greatly improved.

Choose C:      Even if you run into something urgent, you will not be in a hurry. Because you will be flexible, plus you have a very wide network of friends and many friends, so there will be some help.

Choose D:      It seems that your life is calm as water. However, this does not mean that you do not have the ability to adapt to unexpected events. In fact, you just live more leisurely. Once you encounter an unexpected incident, you can quickly calm down, respond positively.


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