What kind of florist near me?

florist near me

What kind of florist near me?

What kind of life do you want to get?


A.    You get the perfect return for your efforts. You live like a queen and afford to purchase hundreds of clothes and handbags at a time in a shop like Dior.

B.    You have met your lover that have not seen in a long time, both of you hugged each other tightly. He said to you: “I love you more than the young beauty you once were.”

C.     You are a successful person. In your old age, you have been asked by someone to sum up your life in one word. You thought about it, and you said: “Carefree”

D.    Wearing a fancy straw hat, you sit in the bower leisurely. Behind you is your watermelon shop. You chuckled because no one realize you were the famous architect.

E.     By chance, you become a famous woman and in love with a man having the same status. In the end, both of you overcame all odds and gave up everything and lived happily ever after.

F.     Your acting was finally recognized, and you won an Oscar best actress award. At the gala dinner, a famous director like Truffaut gave you a precious hug.

G.    On a whim, you can withdraw all your money from the bank and take them home. You play with the money like the building blocks and have them all sent back to the bank after you had played enough.


Test Results:


A.    Rose. The rose embodies ego. You have a strong will and passion. You own a positive, confident and indomitable spirit. All the things you did it yourself as you hate to rely on others. You only live in reality and don’t go for things that are not real. Moreover, you always could defend yourself and hold on to everything you have. You are a vain person and having a strong expressive desire. As you are arrogant and mean, people tends to jealous of you.

B.     Peony. Since ancient times, peony is the symbol of wealth. You are born with elegant quality. You are very demanding to yourself and others. You are a perfectionist, and sometimes people feel uncomfortable because of your high expectation. You are good at expressing your opinions, but not your feelings. This make people feel that you are difficult to approach. At the same time, you are very possessive. You wish to possess wealth, status and also relationship.

C.     Orchid. You are born with a distinctive temperament. You show a very complex and odd image. You want a different life. You don’t want to be the same with others and have the same life and same fate with others. Although you are unhappy with your life, but you can’t find any way to change it. The only solution to get satisfaction is through some weird ways.

D.    Green lotus. Green lotus has an invisible charm. Similarly, you are a very thoughtful person, but not easily noticed. You are a very sociable person and can hide the real you skilfully. You are born either to be a diplomat or a schemer. You look humble and easy going. In fact, you are very stubborn. You would not let people make big decisions for you. Once you decided, even if it is a huge mistake, you will stick to it.

E.     Lily. The lily is arrogant from deep of the soul. Your charm is hard to realize by others. From time to time, you feel, “I am the queen.” You know your charm and trust your abilities. You even feel proud of yourself. However, no one else will notice all of this. You like the way you look and always believe that one day you will be the best.

F.     Iris. Iris symbolize romantic melancholy. You are a romantic and sentimental person. You like to fantasize and own a delicate mind like a girl. You are a bit introverted which make you feel nervous when you interact with others. You always have a little sadness on your face, but you are never a pessimist. What you want is to be accepted. Although life is not going your way, but you firmly believe that there will always be sunny days after rain.

G.    Tulip. Tulip is naturally flexible and dignified. Same as the tulip, you have great life potential. It is hard to get your compliment. Not many people can really understand your inner world, because you just like a mystery. It can be confirmed that your commitment to your dream is very firm. This belief will give you great strength to overcome all difficulties.


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